Everything went as planned for my Ordination.  It was a wonderful event that I was able to share with my family, friends and new congregation.  I even made the Syracuse paper!

Since then I have been trying to catch up on things that had to get put off to make sure I had all the details done for my ordination.   Most of that is trying to get ready for the fall.  There is not much time left before September rolls around and we have lots to do.  I have committees to meet with, Sunday School to plan, visits to make and new member classes to start!

I don’t know if anyone has said that a Pastor’s job is easy – but if they did they were wrong!!

I see lots of my friends and colleagues post their sermons online.  I have done a few of those but for me — I don’t write the way I preach.  Most of my sermons are done in a way that helps me proclaim the Gospel message rather than reading my message.  I would love to get into pod-casts and to be able to post them on here.  When I had my Mac I could do it with no problem.  But now that machine is down so I need to wait.  Hopefully sometime soon I can get it up and running again.

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