Luke chapter 15 is about things that once were lost suddenly are found.  At first the lost are a sheep and a coin. The lesson that Jesus is teaching is about God desperately searching out for those in this world who are lost.  Imagine being loved so much that the one searching for you will not stop until you are found. This comes to life in the story of the Prodigal Son.


The Prodigal Son is a classic Biblical story about a son who takes his father’s inheritance and spends it until it is gone.  The son at the end of his rope he decides to go back home and beg for forgiveness.  His hope is to at the very least convince his father to put a roof over his head and give him some food. 


Seeds are important.  I never fully realized the importance of seeds until planting my first garden last year.  Planting seeds (and actually grow something) is difficult work.  If you don’t handle seeds the right way, or if you don’t put them in the proper environment they die.  So when I read the Parable of the Sower in the book of Matthew I question the motive behind the sower.  Why would you scatter seeds in places that have no chance of producing good fruit?  It seems like such a waste!!  Seeds are expensive!!

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But when I read (and reread) the parable I realize that there is a deeper meaning behind the parable. The sowers main purpose is not to plant the most amount of seeds to have the greatest yield of crop.  But instead it is to give everyone an opportunity to to have a chance to grow.

4 Ways to Show Your Children You Love Them

I have learned that the best thing I can do for my children is to love them.  I constantly struggle to find the balance between being a professional and parent.  I love my job, but I love my family more and I want to ensure that they know that.


I had a wake up call moment when a mentor once told me that he broke many promises to his child when they were young because work always came first.  He was trying to make up for that mistake.  I did not want that to happen to me, so I made a decision to put my family first.

I am not perfect, I have made my share of mistakes but there are four important lessons that I have learned to love my children well.


This morning I took a look at the Lent Photo-a-Day Challenge picture and saw that the word was #dust.  It’s pretty appropriate considering today is Ash Wednesday.


This morning I am working from home as my children don’t have school today.  I am searching around the house for dust.  You would think that is pretty easy right?

I found some here and there (and started to dust after I took some pictures of it) then my daughter said “How about the fan?”.  Yes the ceiling fan! That thing collects dust faster than anything else in the house!  I climbed on a chair and sure enough - #dust.

8 Things I Hope for My 8 Year Old

Dear Addyson, You turn 8 years old tomorrow. I can’t believe my baby girl is getting so old!  You are becoming so independent it scares me sometimes.  But you have promised that you still will dance with me when you are 18 and I will hold you to that promise.  You are walking that fine line of still coloring pictures of kittens and talking about how boys are falling in love with you.  There are a few things that I hope you know as you continue to grow up.

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I hope you know that…..


A sermon preached at Faith Lutheran Church by The Rev. Dr. Theodore W. Asta – Assistant to the Bishop of the New England Synod and The Rev. Dr. Jane O’Hara Shields – Director for Evangelical Mission.


Each of us has clutter in our lives. This clutter gets in the way between us and God and us and one another.  When we start to “declutter” our lives we need healing.  That healing comes to us from God through our baptism and the meal that we share together.