Pain in my back

For the last few weeks I have had a major pain in my lower back. It happens every six months or so. The last time it happened was last november. I remember because it was during the Luther Bowl. I played anyway but I was useless because I was in a lot of pain. I went all out with Physical therapy and basically I was told that I had to wait it out before it got better.

Now it has been two weeks and my back really hurts. I got up this morning and I could barely walk. I finally broke down and I called the doctor and I am going to see them in a little bit. I don’t know what will happen. I will most likely go to the hospital and get xrays. It just makes me fusterated becuase I have plans for the day. I have things that I need to get done but I can’t because I have to go to the doctors now and then perhaps the hospital.

I guess this is a good lesson on self care. I don’t know if it would of made a difference or not if I did this whole thing earlier or if I should not worry about class and choir and all the other things that I need to do today and I should worry about myself.

In other news the Patriots once again beat the Bills yesterday hands down. It was a great game (from what I hear) and I am excited that they are doing so well. They have scored 38 points in their first three games. Brady and Moss have connected on over 100 yards a game. If they keep this up they both will be running for MVP for this season. I know it is too early to tell but I can see it going that way.

An international sting operation broke this weekend called Raw Deal. It has to do with steroids. I guess there are ten countries involved with this operation and it was an undercover operation from the DEA. The main drugs taken in this operation were
Anabolic steroids
• Human growth hormone
• Human chorionic gonadotropin: used to stimulate natural production of testosterone
• Insulin growth factor 1: A protein that enhances muscle growth

There are going to be a lot of names named from this scandel. If I was a professional athlete I would come clean before I was a name on a list. It is better to do this now then to feel the wrath of what will happen once this comes down. The amount of drugs they took was crazy and I am sure this is just the start of it. I guess we will find out later today what happened and who was a part of it.

Keep me in your prayers today for my back. I just pray that it is nothing serious.

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5 thoughts on “Pain in my back

  1. i too have back problems. i had a herniated disc about 5 years ago and have never been the same since. It flares up when I am under stress and not exercising regularly. sorry to have so many suggestions today… but what worked for me, and I totally thought it would be bad for me so didn’t try it for a long time, but running and walking. That seemed to make the muscles around the problem strong again. Also, sit-ups (done right). and better posture when driving and sitting. but bravo for more self-care!!!

  2. Johnna, thanks for all the comments. I am trying to get out there and exercise more and more. Especially after I started Cinch. Right now I am limiting myself to the pool until I am able to see a physical therapist and get exercises that won’t irrate my back. But I think that my core muscle group is one of my problems right now. It is always good to hear from you!

  3. My prayers are with you. As far as I am concerned, back pain is one of the worst things to go through. If you have pain in your hand you can still function, but back pain affects your whole body. I have had a history of lower back pain so I echo what Johnna says. I am doing the same thing now and my back is feeling stronger. I hope all goes well and you heal up soon. Take care.

  4. I feel for ya brother. I have put my back our rather severely on two different occasions, each time I couldn’t even get up for about a week. May God grant you healing in time for this year’s Luther Bowl. I may make the trip up from LTSS but I won’t be playing.

  5. Thanks Eric and David,
    It does not only suck having this back pain but it is inconvinent (especially with the Luther Bowl coming up). Prayers are always welcome and needed, thanks

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