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Recently a pastor and fellow blogger over at Hacking Christianity, declared Wednesday October 27th to be Pastors 24 day. He posted a project for pastors who are on twitter to tweet everything they do for a period of 24 hours.

Now I am not a big twitter user.  I have an account and I have some automatic tweets that go out from time to time, but I spend more of my time interacting with people on facebook than twitter.  I keep my twitter account because I think it is great for certain areas of ministry and life, but it is not something that I am really connected with right now.

I do however love participating in projects like this.  I was a heavy twitter user at the ELCA National Youth Gathering, and I am pretty connected with Twitter in the spring time as ELCA Synod’s have their gatherings and pastors and lay people from all over use twitter to let the world know what is happening in their Synod.

This project for me was fun to share with the world what I do on a daily basis.  I was more tuned into what I was doing because I had to share it.  I think it made me a better pastor.  I was less likely to get lost on facebook instead of working on my sermon or a Bible Study, I stayed with one project instead of going from one project to another, I was dedicated to finish what I started so I could include it in my tweets.

One of the neat things with #pastors24 was to see what other pastors do, and how much ministry is going on out there.  Not only did I see how other pastors used social media in their ministries and their lives but I got a gimps of the intentionality that many pastor’s have (like me) in praying for their congregational members when they see them online.  If a congregational member posts something on Facebook that is bothering them and I am not able to get a hold of them right away, I say a prayer for them.  I am not alone in this…..

I found many pastors starting their day either with some exercise, or devotional time.  It most likely centers them and prepares them for the day.  My day does not really “start” until about 8:30 after I spend a few hours helping my kids get up, and get prepared for the day.  It is only then that I grab a bite to eat and head out the door for work.  My devotional time comes more in the afternoon when the hustle and bustle of the day starts to quiet down.

Through this experience I have learned that  every stage of life there is an adjustment that we have to make in all aspects of who we are.  My spirituality needs to be adjusted when I have small children to when I have teenagers to when I become an empty nester.

Thank you fellow pastors for participating and teaching me more about this crazy life called ministry.  #pastors24

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