Perfectly Imperfect

This summer my family and I spent a week with our friends at Camp Calumet on vacation.  This is an annual trip for us that is filled with fun, relaxation and lots of laughter.  I have spent a lot of time at Camp Calumet and it is one of my favorite places to go.  I especially love this vacation because a week at Calumet feels like I have been away for two weeks or more.

I like to really relax on vacation, I wake up when I want too (or when the kids get me up) and I make very few plans.  However, each year I work on a craft project.  Over the years I have done tie dye, gimp bracelets, communion set out of clay, a wood banner that says “God-Moments” and lots of drawings.  This year I decided to make a mug out of clay.  I have had some success on the pottery wheel and I wanted to make a nice, big mug to have at the church for all my hot yummy drinks.

Here’s what happened:

Monday – I went to the pottery barn and declared my intentions.  The counselor asked if I used the pottery wheel before and I told her that I was a “pro” 🙂  She smiled, handed me some clay and off I went.  For the next hour I started and restarted my mug. First one side was too thick and then it was too wide.  I could not get the right hight or thickness.  I was frustrated and my clay was too wet to work with anymore so I stopped.

Tuesday — Determined to make my mug I went back to the pottery barn.  I claimed another chunk of clay and went to work.  I analyzed my performance the day before and I knew what needed to change.  Maybe it was the laughter from the people outside, maybe it was the upcoming bottle rocket outing we were going to after lunch or maybe it was something else, but I was again unsuccessful at making my mug.  Defeated I walked away.

Wednesday — This was the last day to make my mug.  It needed to dry, and I needed to put glaze on it before it was to go in the kiln to be fired.  The clay was getting low from all the projects during the week, so I did not have very much to work with, but that did not matter because in the end I could not make my mug.

On my final attempt I looked down at my creation and I was about to pound it out in frustration. But then I stopped and looked at it with new eyes.

I had an image in my head of what my creation needed to look like.  It was not turning out as I expected and in that moment, when I was looking at my uneven mess on the pottery wheel I began to realize that even though it was not what I wanted what I created was perfect.  I realized that in many areas of my life I had certain expectations of what needed to happen and instead of being happy with what I had or to change my expectations I was getting frustrated.  I was trying to live up to expectations that I established for myself, realistic or not!  So I decided to live into my perfect imperfection.  We have imperfect parts of our lives, with a change of perspective they become perfect.

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After I realized that I could be happy with my creation, I knew that instead of making a big hot drink mug I had a perfectly imperfect candle holder.  I took my creation out to show my friends.  I then glazed it and it now sits on my desk, with a candle in it to remind me that there may be many perfectly imperfect things in my life and I can see them when I change my perspective.

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