Another New Year is upon us and  a question often asked is “Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?”  I have gone back and forth when it comes to resolutions.  For the longest time I have made them and by February I have forgotten about them or I can’t keep up.

So last year I decided to create action words instead of resolutions.  For 2010 my action word in my personal life was:  Community

I wanted to create intentional community in my life.  I wanted to focus on building an online community through this blog, and other social networks and I wanted to create more of a personal community in the area that I live in.

I feel like I was moderately successful.  I have almost tripled the readership of this blog as well as connected with more and more people on Facebook and twitter.  I also made some great connections with people not only inside the church in which I serve but outside as well.   I hope that I can continue to build upon that that this coming year.

Professionally my action word was preaching.  I enjoy preaching, but coming out of seminary I did not feel like I really found my preaching voice.  I did not know who I was as a preacher.  While my internship really took me out of my comfort zone when preaching, I was not allowed to experiment with different styles of preaching too much.  So this past year I really worked on my preaching and tried to find my voice, I read books about preaching and listened to podcasts and did all I could to figure it out.

Well I feel like I made giant strides in finding my preaching voice and I am at a place now where I can only grow and become a great preacher.  I am grateful for the feed back that I have received from people and I look forward in continuing that journey.

Over the next week or so I will fill you in on some of my action words for this year.  I am looking forward to sharing some of the things that I want to accomplish personally and professionally.

But until then I would like to share with you some action items given to us by Coach Urban Meyer.  I feel like Coach Meyers has done some soul searching and realized that there was nothing more important in his life than his family.  So he left it all, he decided that time with his family was more important than fame, fortune or anything else.  To have the resources and the courage to do something like that….I really admire him.

I will post my resolution words for 2011 but for now think about your life and what changes you will make this coming year.

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  1. As my son Timothy said new years resolutions r just an excuse not to make resolutions through the whole year – well that is smart talk from a fifteen year old – true but new years is on of the days of the year…. And we know we won’t keep them perfectly or if we do need to make a different one .. But then we are covered by Grace

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