RIP Nana




Here is a picture of Nana and Addyson over Labor Day weekend. For the last three years every time we visit we keep saying that we need to take a lot of pictures with the kids and their great grandmother.

We were able to visit her in the hospital over Thanksgiving and unsure if she was going to make it to Christmas. Well she went to her heavenly home last weekend.

She requested no funeral so there will be a time of rememberance this weekend in New Hampshire. So close to Christmas and the business of our lives we won’t be able to make that 7 hour commute, but we will pay our respects over Christmas.

I have found over the last few years that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a very rough time for alot of people. It is a sad time because of the loss of loved ones – either during the holidays or celebrating the holidays without their loved one.

If you are remembering loved ones this holiday season, I will be praying for you. In this season of Advent – preparing the celebration of Christs birth — we also remember the love and grace of God and the reassurance that our loved ones are with him.

God Bless

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