Saint Steve (Jobs)

There has been lots of talk about Steve Jobs and the effect he has had on technology and on everyday life.  I know since getting my iphone my life has been changed (for the better).  Sociologist Gerardo Marti, who has studied the emerging church movement, weighs in on the influence of Steve Jobs on the world which I think all church leaders should think about:

Over time I have seen how Steve Jobs became the patron saint of non-denominational church leaders who value creativity, technology and persistent vision. Jobs accomplished what few are able to do: connect with everyday lives, enrich people’s aesthetics with evidence of beauty, and offer tools for exercising personal gifts and talent. Jobs had a single-minded vision for the varied media he designed, making complicated technology supremely accessible and — more importantly — desirable. People wanted what he had to sell. He promoted his own genius while striving to bring out the genius of others. And his dedication to his vision was a testimony to unrelenting pursuit of promoting personal standards in the service of others.
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