Say Hello To My Little Friend

He doesn’t have a name, a voice, or a personality yet — but I love him anyway.  The tag that he came with says his name is Sunny but I don’t like that name.  I will be using him during the children’s sermon on Sunday morning.  I did a little (VERY LITTLE) ventriloquism in high school.  My dad had a puppet and I would use the puppet some, but I did not get into it too much.  But ventriloquism has intrigued me over the years.

I have talked with my friend and fellow blogger about the use of storytelling in church.  She has blogged about her experiences of memorizing the Gospel lesson and telling that rather than reading the Gospel.  I love that idea and perhaps that muscle memory will help in memorizing my sermon as well.

But I think using puppets during the children’s sermon will A) Help with children’s sermon preparation B)  Engage the children in Biblical Stories C) Engaged the congregation in the Biblical Stories and D) Bring a new dimension to our worship.

I love the fact that we have a number of families in worship on a Sunday morning, it warms my heart every time I am able to look into the eyes of a child at the communion rail and put my hand on their head and give them a blessing.  I love hearing the sounds of children in worship.  I hope this brings us an opportunity to expand the role of children in worship.

I am giving myself until June 6th to create a character for my little friend.  Any help that you can give me would be great!!  Like I said, I need a name for him, a personality, a voice.  If you have heard a voice of a cartoon character lately that you think would fit please let me know.

The story that I have thought of so far for my little friend is that he is the “forgotten”  the disciple,  he claims that there were in fact 13 disciples and since 13 is an unlucky number, he was the one that go cut out.  He says that it was all political and he is mad about that.  His overall personality  may be grumpy disciple and he wants to tell “his side” of the story.  Grumpy is usually pretty funny….I like funny.  But I am open to changing that, I want this to be good stuff.  So I have two questions……

1)  If you were to bring your child to church (or if you already do) what kind of character would you like to see?

2)  What other ways would you like to see children involved in worship on a Sunday morning?

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One thought on “Say Hello To My Little Friend

  1. ‘A PLUS’ Post, my friend!

    First, the title of this blog got my attention.
    Second, the picture made me laugh out loud.
    Third, I smiled while reading the explanation behind the picture.
    This is selfish of me to say, but now I wish you had a video blog of your children’s sermons.
    That way people like me could enjoy the show & learn too…
    I love it, Joe!
    Keep up the Good work!

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