Seeds are important.  I never fully realized the importance of seeds until planting my first garden last year.  Planting seeds (and actually grow something) is difficult work.  If you don’t handle seeds the right way, or if you don’t put them in the proper environment they die.  So when I read the Parable of the Sower in the book of Matthew I question the motive behind the sower.  Why would you scatter seeds in places that have no chance of producing good fruit?  It seems like such a waste!!  Seeds are expensive!!

But when I read (and reread) the parable I realize that there is a deeper meaning behind the parable. The sowers main purpose is not to plant the most amount of seeds to have the greatest yield of crop.  But instead it is to give everyone an opportunity to to have a chance to grow.

You see the sower is God, and we are the soil.  Sometimes in our lives we may be good soil, ready to grab onto the seed and grow, other times we have shallow roots or even reject the seeds given to us.  But we all have an opportunity to experience the grace, love and forgiveness of God.

We are reminded that when things are not going the way we would like, when life becomes too much for us to handle the foolish sower (God) keeps tossing seed out anywhere and everywhere and hopefully some will take root in our lives and grow.

Many of us are pulled in different directions.  We don’t have enough time to spend with our family, to run the errands that we need, to take our children to their activities and make every doctor appointment that we schedule.  So taking time to read the Bible, pray or even go to church seems impossible!

But that doesn’t mean we are only rocky soil, it means that each week when we are running around doing what we need to do, that we have faith and trust that in our activities, that in our business God still loves us and God wants to be in relationship with us.

We can admit that life is busy and complex and when the weekend comes and we don’t think we can add one more thing to our full schedule, yet we have the promise of God.  We have the promise that God does not give up on us and our faith community does not give up either.  We have the promise that there are people who care about us, praying for us, holding us in their thoughts and prayers that we might flourish wherever we are.

Our sower refuses to give up on us, and our sower does not discriminate between rocky, shallow and good soil but throws seed on everyone.  The truth is the communities that we are a part of as well as the shepherd of the community (God) still seeks for us, still loves us, still wanting to be in communication and relationship with us.

Let us pray:  God of sower and field, plant within us the seed of your Word. Make us good soil, so that we might bear the fruits of your kingdom. Amen.

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