Six Years


Today I will be married for six years (Happy Anniversary Honey!!).  It has been an adventure that’s for sure.  Here are six things we have experienced as a couple over the last six years…..

1.  We have lived in seven different locations and three different states

2.  We have two wonderful children

  • They are the joy of our lives

3.  We both have had major surgery

  • My wife had an emergency c-section . for the birth of our first son.  Three days later my appendix ruptured.

4.  Four years of seminary

  • I was in graduate school full time, I worked part time, and helped with the kids and the house work
  • My wife took the brunt of most of the parenting and house worked and worked full time

5.  Graduation of seminary, my 30th birthday, the call process and my ordination (all within four months).

  • This was a nerve wracking time for both of us.  I had a wonderful 30th birthday party/graduation party.
  • We went through a process where we experienced tons of paperwork, seven  interviews, thousands of miles traveled and finally settled in a job, community and home that we love.

6.  Continued love

  • I can honestly say that I love my wife more now than I did when we first got married.  So much happened our first years of marriage sometimes it seems like a blurr.  We are finally on track to a life we both have dreamed of and we are very happy.  Sure there are bumps in the road, but those bumps tend to only bring us closer together.

So what do the next six years have in store for us?

I don’t know.  I would hate to guess because six years ago I never even heard of Baldwinsville, NY much less thought I was going to live there!!  All I know is that as long as I have my wife and my kids there is nothing I can’t face in my life.  They are the most important thing to me, yes even more important than Facebook.

Here is a list of things that I would love to have happen over the next six years:

I have a list of 100 things that I want to do before I die, I hope that I can accomplish more of them.  I would foresee us having one perhaps two more children.  I would love to finally start a band of some sort.  I would love to get into pet therapy.  I would love to have at least 3 months salary in my savings account.  I plan on supporting my children in all the activities that they are interested in.  Finally, I would love to keep blogging and be the host of an active online community surrounded in faith.

What do you see happening in your life over the next six years?

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2 thoughts on “Six Years

  1. Your blog brought back some great memories for me too, my friend! You guys have been together through an turbulent ride. Glad it got you to where you are today, and that you have each other for whatever comes next. Love you both.
    lookin’ up,

  2. It has been a turbulent ride but it has been a great one as well. I hope you are well and that things start to turn around for you as well. Love to you and Kendra

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