Read Romans 15: 14-21

What is the role of spirituality?  Is the purpose of being spiritual but not religious to live a happy, healthy, productive life?  Is it to grow in your relationship with God or the world around you?   How much attention do you really give to your spiritual side?

Now I’m not necessarily talking about participation in an organized religion, although this may be something that is important to you. I believe spirituality can be expressed and explored in many ways.

In my experience, people who are able to stay energetic and enthusiastic over the long haul tend to have a strong spiritual connection.  They do things to grow in their knowledge of the Bible, of God and the value the importance of community.

There are two things that you can do right now to grow a strong spiritual connection.

1.  Have a sense of a purpose that is larger than yourself. The world does not stop at your doorstep, in fact our connection with one another and with the world is larger than we ever could imagine.

2.  Think about your spirituality every single day. This could be done through a devotional blog like this one (there are many out there) this could also be accomplished by attending church on a Sunday. Many times when people go to church they are uplifted enough where they have enough to think about and ponder about for the next week.

The more that you are connected with your spiritual self, the more your life will seem like it comes together.

It seems like now is a good time to think about your spiritual side since Christmas is coming up.  In today’s world there is the “Christmas Wars” — who is allowed to say Merry Christmas or not.  However, that is not spiritual.

The kind of spirituality that I am talking about has very little to do with a religious organization.  It is connecting with something bigger than you, I call that God.  When we connect with God we know that we have a larger purpose in life, we know that there is something we are being called to do.

So as you walk through the malls this holiday season, as you greet the Mall Santa Claus — remember that there is another meaning to this holiday, one that doesn’t only last for a month or two, but one that lasts forever, it is the connection that we have with God who loves us so much that he came down from heaven to be with us in the form of a baby named Jesus.

THE PRAYER: Lord Jesus Christ, as you call us to see you out as our foundation, and as we prepare ourselves this Christmas season we need you. We constantly get bombarded with life and with outside pressures. Be with us and help us remember that you call us and that you love us. Amen.

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  4. You sound so balanced, why you call on Jesus :)? I like the way you light the path for others my friend.

    God Bless

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