Most people want to succeed, but whose version of “success” are you trying to achieve?  How do you measure your success?  How do you know when you’ve really accomplished something in your life?

Success on other people’s terms may only mean frustration for you.  If we measure our success by goals that others think worthwhile or if we try and measure success by own personal standards, we will wind up in trouble.

For many people, success is related to money and possessions. When you have money and become rich, you are a success. When you build a big home, you are a success. When you have a nice car, you are a success. When you have many possessions, and you can sit back, take it easy, and enjoy life, you are a success…….. in the eyes of the world.

What if you do not have all of those fancy things?

What if life is more than “whoever has the most toys when they die wins?”

Life in the church is more than coming in with the most amount of money, with the best looking car, with having your life all together.  When looked at from a communal perspective, we are more interested in the needs of our sisters and  brothers, in the heart and lives of our sisters and brothers rather than whats in someone’s bank account.  Many people with eyes pointed to the cross, have a little extra, instead of going out buying someone extravagant, tend to give it away to perhaps improve someone else’s life.

Fulfillment starts within our own heart and our own soul and spreads to other people.  It is only when we start with our own hearts that we can define clear personal values to start to measure our success in life, or dare I say fulfillment in life.  If we do not start with our heart and our connection with God and a larger community of faith, then we are measuring our success by “the world’s” values which may prevent us from recognizing our own significant, personal accomplishments.

God did not create us each as individuals only to have us measure ourselves by someone else’s expectation.  God did not build us up only so we tear ourselves (or others) down but not achieving what other think we “should” be achieving.

We are created to develop to our full potential – in the direction and degree that God leads us too. It is our responsibility, though, to equip ourselves to make wise choices, choices that will help us develop into the individuals that God created us to be, and to live in the community which supports one another.

When we arm ourselves with the power of prayer, with scripture in our hands and God on our hearts and minds, we will know the true meaning of success in our lives.  When we surround ourselves with others, in the body of Christ we will have that support and love to find true success in life.

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