Sync in Progress

Read Matthew 14: 29-31

I feel as though I am always trying to get my life in sync. defines the word “sync” as: “a harmony or harmonious relationship.” In 1929 this word was adapted in the dictionary as a shorter version of the word synchronize.

There are many parts of our life that we try and get “in sync” with one another. There is the spiritual side, the physical side, the emotional side and the electronic side.

I depend heavily on electronics in my life. I have a “Smartphone” (actually an iPhone) that I keep my calendar on, my contacts….basically my life. If that is “out of sync” then I feel very disorganized and I don’t know where to go or what to do. If for some reason my phone is not synced with the church computer or my office computer – then there is a good chance that I might miss an appointment. If I can’t sync my phone with my home computer then I might miss an important family event! Oh how I depend on the sync to help me get by in life.

The question I would like to pose to you is what or who are you trying to sync with? Like my situation I think that many of us try and sync our lives (be in harmony with) what the world expects of us. We try and keep up with the business and we try and make sure that all aspects of our lives are happening.

On the other hand, when I sync my life with the God of love, grace and forgiveness, I receive much more than I could ever give. I may get out of sync every once and awhile, but it is God who searches for me and who comes back into my life to reestablish the connection, that’s why God send Jesus into the world! The effort is not on our part but it is on God’s – God comes to us.

While technology is great (if you know how to use it) it is a constant effort to make sure that everything is in sync with one another. However, as we may work to sync our faith, when we get out of sync the effort to come back is from God.

THE PRAYER: God be with us as we try and get our lives in sync with you. Amen.

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