Tale of Two Towns

An original poem

The Thuzzlewaps live next to the Muzzlewaps town,
They run and they jump all dressed up like clowns.
Then one day the Thuzzlewaps were mad;
They wanted something they could not have.
The kids of the town wanted to play on some slides,
To swing from bars, to soar and to glide.
The Muzzlewaps kids they could slide all day
“Your kids can’t come over,” The Muzzlewaps would say.
“This is not fair,” the Thuzzlewaps yelled
As all of their spirits suddenly fell.
“We need to get even to settle the score,
Friends of the Muzzlewaps we are longer no more.”
So they planted some flowers and planted some trees,
The Thuzzlewaps town the Muzzlewaps could not see.
They fought and they talked and they talked and they fought.
More and more trees the Thuzzlewaps bought.
The Muzzlewaps yelled from the top of their shacks
“We will cut down those trees with our tree cutting packs!”
The Thuzzlewaps said “these are our trees not yours,
We will not let you come over here any more!”
Pretty soon the trees covered the town,
No more did anyone dress up like clowns.
The elders got together they fought and they swore
Then a small boy said, “Let’s not fight anymore.”
“I wish you would not be so angry and mad;
I wish we all could be happy and glad.”
“Let’s stop this fighting and cut down the trees,”
He said while begging and adding the word please.
The feeling between the two towns was much better,
“Let’s build a big playground,” they shouted together.
They cut down the trees with the tree cutting packs;
Together they built a playground with no holes or cracks.
It was big enough so everyone could play,
The Thuzzlewaps and Muzzlewaps kids played all day.
After awhile things were just like before,
They made a promise that this would happen no more.
They agreed “no more tress between the two towns”
Once again they were happy and there were no frowns.
The Thuzzlewaps and Muzzlewaps continued to play
They would not fight for the rest of their days.

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