The Fourth Sunday in Advent

Read Psalm 24

When was the last time you watched a sunrise? I am not talking about getting up when it is dark out, and running around getting ready for the day only to see the sunrise during your hectic commute to work.

I am talking about waking up early, making some tea or coffee, grabbing a Bible and/or a notebook, a pen and a chair and then sit in your favorite spot outside and relax.

I remember one of those times this past summer.  My family and I were at Camp Calumet for Vacation.  Calumet sits on the of Lake Ossipee. It was a clear, cool morning, no clouds and I went for a hike up Jackman’s Ridge.  Then it came, the moment I had been waiting for.  The sun appeared and lit up the sky.  It was so beautiful.

How many sunrises have there been in the world?  How many times have you been able to take a look at one and when you do, does it make you feel closer to God?

This week as we get closer and closer to Christmas, we may feel closer to God because God is coming down on earth, in the form of a child.

Where is your dock to sit on this morning?  Where do you feel most connected with God?  How do you celebrate the birth of the Christ Child this Christmas season.

Where is the place that God wants you to recharge?

THE PRAYER: Good and gracious God, be with us as we find the places in our lie where we can stop, renew and recharge in you. Amen.

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