Things are Good


New Years…..goood

Interview for approval to be ordained into the Lutheran Church……goood– approved

First round of Church planting interview (Mission Development) — goood – passed

That has been my life the last month. Worrying about this and that — trying to keep moving forward when things want to be at a standstill.

I was thankful for some “time off” this month.  Granted it is no where near the time I would like to completely unwind but I was able to unwind some.  Afternoons filled with relaxation, Madden 07, and MVP 05.  There were other things accomplished but that was minimal compared to the relaxation.

This week I have been sitting in class.  It has been a great class but we have 10 hours of class a day.  Granted it is over in four days but the four days have been long.


So I have been thinking about the month of January.  I would like to call the month of January the month of dreams.  First there are the dreams of the millions of people making New Year’s Resolutions. “I am going to lose weight this year, I am going to save more money this year, I am going to be a better parent/spouse/friend/family member.”  We have many dreams for ourselves and our lives.

The Second dream is the dream surrounding Jesus’ birth.  It is true that Jesus was born on Christmas which is in December.  But the wise men come to us in January.  Wise men who follow the star from a dream to find and announce the birth of the Messiah.

Finally we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. this past weekend.  King had a dream of a country that could be united, a country that could not be divide by race.  While we have come a long way since his dream speech we still have a long way to go.

I don’t want to get into politics in this blog too much, but for me that’s one thing I am looking for in a leader of our country.  Who can help further unite our nation and lead us into the future.

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2 thoughts on “Things are Good

  1. Wow…imagine if we could find a leader like that to send to Washington. So far I can’t see them (oops…did I say that out loud) 🙂

  2. Just ran across your blog.
    As a pastor 8 years out of seminary I look back every so often at the dreams that people have that last year before they go out. A pastor I know about 30 years past seminary told me about his dreams of changing the world in his first call only to spend months of council meetings talking about carpet for the sanctuary.
    Our eyes get big and our imaginations run. That just might be the Spirit at work. The world the church is planted in is concrete enough; what you need to survive in ministry and really thrive is time to dream.

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