Things you see at 1am…

Over the summer I picked up a job working at Dunkin’ Donuts. At first I was coming on board to make some extra money by picking up shifts here and there. Now I am on a regular schedule picking up donuts from one shop around 1am and then driving back to the D&D that I work for and drop off the donuts around 2am and then I drive home. It is simple enough. It is not brain surgery. The only thing that stinks about it is the hours. Sometimes I go to bed around 9 and sleep for a couple of hours, I get up at 11pm wake up and I am picking up the delivery truck around midnight.

But there have been things that I have seen which I can’t explain during my two hour excursion. Driving the back roads, late at night I see lots of deer. That is one of my big concerns; I don’t want to be hitting one of them in the middle of the night.
The place where I pick up the donuts is in a plaza of stores. It has a huge parking lot and it is the gathering place for many teenagers. Now I can think back to my teenage days and I would hang out in parking lots with my friends, but not at 1am….especially on a week night! Now these kids seem pretty harmless, they are just hanging out or skateboarding. But I have been approached a few times while I have been loading the donuts and I have been asked for free donuts….I usually respond by saying “I will sell you one for 50 bucks!” Then they usually say something under their breath and drive away. The one time I was really upset was when I saw three teenage boys going through one of those yellow bins where you drop off clothing to get picked up for the less fortunate. Now I don’t know these kids situations – but I am guessing they are not so desperate where they need to be going through bins like that….but somehow I doubt they need too, especially when they get into their Hondas, and Toyotas and drive away.

The strangest thing I have seen, and this was just the other night. I was driving along and these police cars start coming from the other way. Their lights were flashing but they were not speeding….In-between the two cars was a big army-like vehicle. It was like a tank but on wheels. Now I am not sure why this vehicle needed to be driving at 2am, I don’t know why it was in the middle of nowhere and I had no idea where it was going or coming from. Just a little strange……

If I had it my way, in a perfect world, I would not be doing this job. But I enjoy the extra money every other week, to help pay for things around here and I have this other part of me where I don’t want to “leave anyone hanging” – they really like me there and they said I can work as much as I want too. It is kinda flattering – but I only work where I don’t have class the next morning, so I can sleep in.
We will see how things are next semester and if I can keep this schedule up. For now it works.

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2 thoughts on “Things you see at 1am…

  1. There is a whole other side to the world that many folks don’t know about. Like you, I had jobs where I had to be on the streets early in the morning. The streets are very much alive when so many of us are sleeping. What always struck me was when I would stop for a meal at Waffle House around 3:00AM. Let’s just say that there are many interesting people who eat at Waffle House at 3:00AM.

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