Three Words: Acceleration

This year I will be joining the ranks of people like Chris Brogan in focusing my time and energy and my life on three words.  These words will help guide my actions and decisions as I live out 2011.  Over the next few days I will be looking at each word and expand upon my action plans in relating these words to my life.  

The first word is Acceleration.As I mentioned in my original post this is perhaps the most important word for me.  I want to move this year, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  I want to be on the move because when I envision my actions this year I see great things happening in my life personally and professionally.

Here are some of my goals as they relate to Acceleration:


  • I want to lose weight – I have been overweight my entire life, and my goal is to be under 300 pounds by the end of the year.  So far I have joined a local gym and I am taking steps in exercising and eating right.  The gym that I joined is in Baldwinsville, so it is easy for me to get too and it is harder for me to make excuses not to go.
  • I want to get out in the community more — Most of my life is spent in the church or at home.  Granted I don’t have much more time to spare — but I do want to get out into the community more and make more connections.  In a former life (pre seminary and pre children) I would go to a lot of coffee houses and open mics and I really miss that.
  • I want to get organized —  Lately I have been watching the show Horders.  Now I don’t run the risk of being featured on that show, but I do have alot to do when it comes to organization.  I have many file cabinets full of papers from different time periods in my life and I need to consolidate and organize.


  • I need to vision — I have been working with the council and congregation on creating an identity for St. Mark’s.  We have worked together to create a vision of youth ministry and theater ministry for the congregation.  The people of St. Mark’s have pledged to help these ministries take shape through their time, talents and money.  I need to continue to discern how these ministries are going to function within the church and my role as their pastor.
  • I need to be out of the office more — There is so much to do during the week I don’t get into the community as much as  I would like too.  This year I want to make more of a presence in the community of Baldwinsville.   Instead of working on my sermon in my office I can do it in a coffee shop.  Or I can take a book and sit in Panera for awhile and read.  Whatever it is I want to be out and about and have a presence both in my office at certain times but also in the community.
  • I need to search for God Moments– At Calumet we would call any connection we had with God a God moment.  This could happen personally when you would wake up and take a look over the lake or it could happen learning groups when a camper would have a break through moment with their faith.  These moments were always amazing.  I realize that I need more God moments in my life.  One of the ways I am accomplishing this is first by making a commitment to read through the entire Bible in one year, and I will continue to move and accelerate my life as I actively search for God moments.  I believe the more God moments I find and I share, the deeper my faith as well as others will become.

These are some of the action plans that I will embark upon this year.

Can you help me think of other things I can do in my personal or professional life when it comes to Acceleration?

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