Top 5 Tools for Ministry

The web is a great resource for churches. Not online is it important for churches to have a web prenece but their presence needs to be easily accesible to most people. This means that we need to be where people are and we need to be innerconnected with one another. The web is also a great resource to pastors in their ministry. The web can help pastors in so many ways (and nonpastor folks as well). Far too many churches and pastors do not take full advantage of what the web can offer. I believe it is important for churches and pastors to have some sort of grasp as to what is out there and why it is important. Here is a list of what I believe are must have’s for successful online ministry.

1.  Facebook Page

Even if you don’t like or see the personal value of Facebook, you have to admit most people out there are active on Facebook or at least have a page. I think it is vitally important for all churches to have a Facebook presence. It is a very easy way to share what is happening in your church. Not only can you let people know what is going on at your church but you can provide an opportunity to minister to your followers by posting Bible verses, inspirational quotes or other ways to enhanse people’s lives.

The wordpress platform is great to have and it is very versital. If you are interested in blogging, or posting your sermons online then this is the perfect tool to use. I am actually transferring the churches website to When you are working with a minimal or non-existent budget this is the perfect service.

3.  Dropbox

Dropbox has quickly become one of my most used apps. It is primarily a file syncing service. Dropbox lives as a folder on your computer. Any file you put in the Dropbox, syncs to the Dropbox website as well as any other computer or mobile device you have Dropbox on. I am no longer needing to email documents back and forth with the church office because all of the primary documents that the church uses is on dropbox and I have access to them wherever I go. If I am in a meeting and I need to look up something in a document and I know it is on the church computer I an pull up the dropbox app on my iphone and get the information that is needed.

Dropbox provides 2GB of space for free. You can earn extra space, up to 8GB, by referring your friends. In fact all the links in this post are referral links for myself. If you click the link and sign up, we will both get and extra 250MB. You can also purchase extra space, by I’ve found that the free space is enough to save most people’s critical files. This is one of those services that has really added to my productivity and provides extremely convenient access to my files.

4.  Evernote

Evernote is another great ministry tool. Evernote is a note taking application that enables you to capture and organise everything. It’s available on pretty much all devices that you can think of, from phone to computer and syncs all notes up into the cloud. Evernote is free to use but you can upgrade to a premium account which gives you much more space to upload per month, image recognition, and offline notebooks.

I have found Evernote has revolutionised the way I store and organise information that comes my way, everything from paper to verbal communication to ideas that pop in to my head. I also use it to create prayer lists, store contact details for people or organisations, write up sermon notes and the ability to take pictures of books, DVD’s and other resources just to name a few.

5.  Reqall

I have tried many list managers over the years. Most of them do not work for me not because there is something wrong with them but I am not the best at keeping all the things I need to do in the application. Reqall is different because there are a number of ways I can input information so it is easier for me to use. I can imput information through a phone call, through email, using my voice on the iphone app, on the web, or through typing the information on my iphone. It is great and it really helps me in my ministry.

Have you used some of these tool?  Do you have others that you would put on the list?

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tools for Ministry

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  2. Dropbox is my new favorite application – for serious. It’s on my phone, my home computer, my work computer, and my husband’s computer. Anything I may need anywhere goes in that dropbox – and it has saved me many many times!

  3. That’s great! It is good to know that others like it as well. It is funny how we get so attached to things that we did not know existed only a few years ago.

  4. I can’t believe how dependent we are on things that we did not even know existed only a few years ago. Drpobox is my favorite out of the many new applications that I use.

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