Trip to Upstate NY

This past weekend we took a trip to the area where our possible first call is going to be.  It was pretty exciting.  It made this process more real to me.  To be able to see the church in which I will be serving, to view the town and see the culture was really cool.

Before we made it to the town we met a friend of mine from college and her two kids for lunch.  Her two kids are the same ages as mine, and our four year old boys really got along.  It was nice to catch up with her and have her meet my wifey. My friend and her family live about an hour from where we might be so that was exciting.  At least we will have someone we know who lives close by who is not part of the church.

After lunch we made it to our little town.  It is actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. But it was nice.  We drove around and looked at things and took some notes about the area.  We really enjoyed it.  We were even able to talk with a daycare director about possible employment for my wifey as well as openings for the kids.

There were many things that we did not see.  It is hard to fit everything in with just one visit.  The next time we will be up in the area will be for an interview.

As of right now my name will go to the church within the next week and then things should move pretty quickly after that.

It is hard for the waiting but on the more praticle side we need to start giving notice to people as to when we are leaving. Our landlord wants 60 days, my wife’s work wants 30 days notice.  It is hard to give them that notice if we do not know when we are going to be leaving.  But that will all come into place soon.

That’s the update as to where we are at.  It is an exciting time that’s for sure.  But in order to make sure all this happens I need to pass my classes so I am off to study.

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One thought on “Trip to Upstate NY

  1. I had preached in my first parish when I was in seminary. I had a lot of friends there but it was still exciting. As I read your story all the memories flood back.

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