Crazy Tuesday Thoughts


Tuesday Thoughts

God Moments

  • Worship at St. Mark’s has been wonderful the last couple of weeks.  Worship has been full (especially for the summer) and there has been a good sense of community.  I have been getting closer and closer to where I want to be with Bibical storytelling.
  • St. Mark’s had a fantastic week at Vacation Bible School.  Over 40 kids showed up for our Big Jungle Adventure.  As a pastor I got so much watching them learn more about who God is through music, story-telling, crafts and games.  We already have ideas for next year!
  • This morning one of our kittens came up to me and was very snugly.  She was purring away and I felt God’s presence in her.

Life Connections

  • I have been running again.  My goal was to “run” 100 miles this summer.  I have to be honest, between being overwhelmed by life, injured and my typical unmotivated self I have only run about 10 miles so far.  I am not giving up and I started up again yesterday.  I hope to get as close as I can to 100 by September 4th and if I don’t get to 100 by then I will keep on going until I reach that number.
  • August is going to be crazy busy!!  Between preparing for the fall, wedding stuff (for a friend), camping with friends and vacation  I hope we will make it on the other side alive!
  • One of my blog posts got picked up by Living  Check it out!


What God Moments and Life Connections have you experienced this week?


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