Tuesday Thoughts: Fast Approaching Fall

Tuesday Thoughts

God Moments

  • I am getting SO excited for the fall and the ministry opportunities at the church.  People are really stepping up and doing some great planning for the upcoming church year.
  • The kids are attending another church’s VBS this week.  They seem to be enjoying it and learning some great stuff. I love to watch my kids grow in their faith.
  • For me the anticipation of Fall is too real.  I have this feeling that fall is closer than we think, even if it is between 80-90 degrees most days.  Perhaps that is also wishful thinking.
  • I have the best dog in the world.
  • I have a new contributor to the blog.  I am very excited about this, I think she will start posting this upcoming Sunday!

Life Connections

  • About a week and a half and I will be on vacation! I don’t think I have been on a real vacation since August of last year (I did have a stay-cation back in May).
  • I think I am excited about the fall because I want my routine back!
  • I am very excited to go camping with some friends this weekend.  I will be good to get out and have some fun.
  • I haven’t been sleeping well recently — I think part of it is trying to get everything done before I leave for Vacation — So much to do, so little time.
  • We have survived not having cable this summer.  There are some things that I miss but overall I am happy with our decision.  I am not sure what kind of deal we can work out with Direct TV but I hope we can cut the cable cord forever!
What is happening in your life the past couple of weeks?  Are you looking forward to the fast approaching fall?
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