Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts


I have been quiet on the interwebs lately because I am working on a complete digital facelift.  I am working my way through all of the ways I am connected on the internet, from Facebook to Twitter, from Linkedin to Google+, from email to my Google voice account to make sure that my presence is what I would like it to be and that I am utilizing the services in an appropriate way.

One of the reasons that I am doing this is I am trying to create a homebase for all my online activities.  I read through Michael Hyatt’s book Platform and it really spoke to me.  I realized that I really don’t have a platform, I really don’t have control over my online presence and I need to take control of that before someone else does.

As much as I have enjoyed my blog Lutheran Grilled Cheese and I beleive that it will always be a part of me in some way, shape or form.  I have decided that I am going to have my home base be Pastor Joe McGarry.com.  It is my name, it is simple and I believe it gives me more flexiablity moving forward.

I still believe that some of the ways God is calling me in this world is by seeking out the God Moments and to help people connect their life with their faith.  So on this new blog I will be living that out the best way that I can.  I am going to be talking about ways that people can live out their faith everyday, and I am going to encourage people to see that God is in everything that they do.  I will also be making connects of the Bible and the things that we learn in church to people’s lives.  I really enjoyed the series on the Book of Acts I did recently and I would like to do something like that again.

The other thing I would like to focus on is the idea of going paperless.  When I look around my home or my office all I see is paper.  Paper books, reports, magazines, scraps of paper, notebooks, sermons, etc.  I love the idea of keeping most everything in the could and on my computer.  The Less paper that I have to use on a daily basis I believe the more efficent and organized I will be.  My hope is that by the end of 2012 I will be as paperless as possible and I will be tracking that on my new blog.

Other things I will be doing is evaluating the connectivity of all my accounts on various websites, I will be changing emails and I will be moving towards having my Google Voice numbers be my primary numbers.

These are some of the major things I will be doing over the next several months.  Most of the major work will be done by September 1st and after that I will be tweaking and building upon the foundation that I set.

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