Tuesday Thoughts


{This is a part of a series called Tuesday Thoughts}

  • I really do love mowing my lawn.  Especially when it looks like this when I am done.
  • I missed my kids so much when I did not see them for a week.
  • When I get stressed my back goes out.  I need to manage that better.
  • I like the idea of having online office hours, something to think about for the fall.
  • We are getting better at saving money by couponing.  This week we saved 44% on our grocery bill.
  • I love camping ministry.  I really enjoyed my time at Vanderkamp last week for our yearly confirmation camp retreat.
  • This year was the first year since attending Vanderkamp that it actually felt like “Camp”
  • When I am not blogging on a regular basis, I miss it.
  • I am trying to run 100 miles this summer.  Because of my back going out I only have one mile about a week and a half into the summer.  I need to really get myself going this week.
  • I am doing a lot of thinking about how I approach life this summer. I am starting a revaluation everything that I do both professionally and personally. I will blog more about this soon.
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