Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

God Moments

  • Watching how excited my son was to go to Bible Camp for a week.
  • Seeing generosity in people’s hearts.
  • Knowing when I am upset my wife is there to comfort me, and being able to comfort her when she is upset.
  • Having church on the softball field.
  • Praying with and for people.
  • Helping people make a connection with their faith through my sermon, and talking with them about it after the service.

Life Connections

  • Realizing we can get by without cable.  Last week we suspended our cable for the summer in hopes this fall we will cancel it forever.
  • Had a tooth pulled last week.  Not something I want to go through again.
  • Our church lost the championship softball game.  Well fought game, only lost of the season.  Now I know how the Patriots felt in 2008.
  • Played golf for the third time last Saturday.  I did pretty well.  Maybe with a decent set of clubs I could really get into the game.
  • Personal loss is the toughest to go through.  I am glad I have my wife.
  • We spent a few hours after dinner tonight going through coupons and getting our next shopping trip ready.  I am kinda excited to go grocery shopping.
  • We dropped off Logan at Vanderkamp for a week of  camp.  I am excited that he gets to experience it.  I hope he loves it as much as I have.
  • I miss Logan dearly when he is away.
  • Even though it is summer, life in and out of the church does NOT slow down.
What have you been up too this week?
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