Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

God Moments

  • Getting back to blogging has been great!  It is a great outlet for me and I hope it inspires you in your faith.
  • Sunday my daughter learned about Jesus loving her and a conversation with her Sunday School teacher went like this: “Addyson who loves you?” she replies “Daddy!!” Her Sunday School teacher said “Yes who else J- J -J” and she said “Joe!”  Close enough…..
  • We are in the midst of stewardship time at St. Mark’s.  Most people hate it because we are talking about money in church.  I enjoy it because we talk about mission and vision for the congregation.

Life Connections

  • I have been lucky enough to spend time with some great friends!! Between vacation back in September and recently with some others– it helps feed my soul.
  • I am very excited to have some friends visit in November!
  • I love the Sing-Off
  • Speaking of TV Person of Interest is my new favorite Show.


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