Veggie Meatloaf

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We took the dive last night. We started our journey to vegetarianism– well perhaps not total vegetarianism, but now we are going to try and have one dinner a week (the only meal we eat together) where we will not eat meat. I don’t want to give up that protein so we will find other alternatives. Now in the grand scheme of things we do that from time to time. It happens around pasta — where we will eat Spaghetti and we don’t always need meat with that, but this will be more intentional and I hope that better eating habits will come out of it.

So last night I made veggie meatloaf. It was actually pretty good.

Here is the recipe:
1C Sliced carrots
3/4 onion
3/4 c catsup
1/3 C breadcrumbs
2 large eggs
2 12 oz package of meatless ground burger

I basically put the carrots, onion and garlic in the magic bullet and then combined everything else and put it in the oven. I cooked it for 45 min at 350.

Now it turned out good (even though I was told that the meatless ground burger was gross) 🙂 and we liked it. We had mashed potatoes with it and corn. Granted it finished cooking at 7:45 and I was at a church council meeting. So Katie took it out of the oven and I ate when I came home. But I liked it a lot and Katie was very surprised because she liked it too. So I hope to keep this up, so we need something else that has been time tested so please let me know if you have something for us to try.


I want an iphone more now than ever. I think my Treo 650 is dying. A few days ago my screen went blank on my Treo – I had to restart it a few times before it came back on. I was nervous but then I was okay. I took it to the AT&T store and they said unless I brought it in with it not working there was nothing the could do. I left a little frustrated but feeling okay (on top of everything else my 1 year warranty is gone). Well yesterday, I did not charge my phone overnight. So it was running out of battery power, I tried to charge it in the car but it would not charge – so my phone “died” — again I did not know what to do with myself, I could not check my e-mail (I was expecting some) and I could not make phone calls (which I needed to do) I felt hopeless, lost and I was devastated. (Okay maybe I am overreacting a bit). I decided to come home, charge it and the world would be right again. Well it would not charge at home either!!! I tried and tried but there was nothing I could do to charge it. I was even more frustrated and I was planning on going back to the AT&T store to see what I can do. I don’t know if it is my battery (I have the original) or my Treo or what. All I know is that I feel that my days are somewhat limited with my Treo and I need a plan.
I would love to get the iphone, but I know we don’t have the money for that and I even though there are plenty of people happy with the first version of the iphone I want to wait to see when version 2 comes out (I am thinking close to Christmas time) or at least when the first update for the iphone comes out and I want to see what they add.


I have been making progress on my Approval Essay. I think I have 2 out of the 5 sections done. I still have a lot of work, but I am working at D&D the rest of the week so I can work up to midnight before I go drive and that will give me a solid 4 hours a night to work on it. If I get one section done a night I will get everything done to send to Tom by Saturday. Then I can finish my other paper over the weekend and I will be good for my trip. I will bring them with me to read and go over but I won’t worry about bringing resources to write.


Well this is a good place to stop – off to the gym!!

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  1. joe! hey there – i should be getting in bed, but I just noticed that you posted on alaina’s blog… did you also notice that she’s in Decorah??? you are such a great guy – I thought it was so sweet that you encouraged her. hope you’re doing well… like reading about your cooking adventures… keep it up!

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