It is nice to be back in Vermont for awhile.  There is a calmness about Vermont that is unlike anywhere I have been since I left.  People here still have the “east coast attitude” that you need to be going 100 miles an hour but there is a laidbackness to life at the same time.  I don’t know if that makes sense but you can feel it when you are here.

It is fun to see my kids interact with their grandparents and Uncles and cousins.  I feel better knowing that they are getting to know their extended family.  Since my potential call is around 4 hours away I hope we can make it back to Vermont more often- especially during the summer time.  Who wants to drive anywhere in upstate NY or Vermont in the winter?!?!!

I am hoping we have secured a place to live.  We have been working at that since mid May.  I have talked with everyone about house buying vs house rental.  We have checked out many housing units and have decided to rent for awhile.  We want to get to know the area and to save up and have a solid foundation going into owning a home.  This process of first call is drawn out but when you are moving you are moving fast so we want to make sure we do the right thing.

I have not had too much experience in rent to own- but that was an option for one place.  Actually the rental we are hopefully moving into has the exact same layout at the rent to own, but we did not like the terms and so we decided not to move forward with that.

I am still working at the restaurant here in Vermont.  I still do not like going there……. but I did get a new pair of shoes.  They actually really help with my sore feet and aching back.  Physically I am doing better but I still have pain.  I told them that I have a job interview on the 29th and I will let them know if I will continue to work.   Part of me just wants to quit and to concentrate on moving and getting settled once I have my call in hand.  Another part of me thinks I should continue to work.  I guess it depends on when my start date is.  This week they have me working close to 40 hours.  It will be interesting what they put me down for next week since they know I will most likely be leaving soon.

I must say this transition time between graduation and first call has not been easy.  I was told that it would not be — we have done our best to make it as smooth as possible and for the most part it is smooth.  I don’t know what i would of done without my parents help.  It would of been a lot harder without them.  I guess that’s what family is for…..thank God for Vermont.

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