Weekend at Camp

So here I am – after driving seven hours to Vermont on Thursday to drop some stuff off at my parents house (including on of our cars) we made the three hour trip east to Camp Calumet.  For those who are not familiar with Calumet check out my page about it.

As I was thinking about it this is the longest that I have spend at Camp in many years.  I think that is kind of sad in a way because it is one of my favorite places to be.  But living in Pennsylvania as a graduate student I have not gotten many opportunities in the last four or five years.

Even though I am in a different role while I am here I am very happy.  I am the Chaplain for the Memorial Day weekend retreat.  Basically I lead morning and evening devotions all weekend, I lead two Bible Studies and worship on Sunday Morning.  As a chaplain it is good for me to get to know the people who are here and just be pastoral.  As my first post graduation church related event I am very happy.  Things have gone really well and I love being here with my family and to give them an opportunity to rest, relax and enjoy camp.

Some of the things that we have done while we have been here:  Pontoon boat ride (The boy and I went on this and he Loved it, it was his first boat ride ever!) Climbed Jackman’s Ridge (short hike but great view and a must do at Calumet), crafts, naps, Talent show (the boy and I did a duet with me on the guitar and he on the drums), Campfires, silly games and just a general sense of being outdoors and enjoying nature.  The only negative about being outdoors this much is that in New Hampshire it is black fly season.  The general rule is between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the black flies are bad.  But for the most part bug spray keeps them away.

It will be sad when we leave.  We will be around here until Tuesday.  I want to head up to the “big city” of North Conway with the family and just go window shopping and get some Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

I am not sure if I will get on here before it happens– on Wednesday May 28th I will have my first interview with a potential call in Upstate New York Synod.  I am very excited/nervous about it.  Please pray for discernment for the church and myself as we talk about each other and learn more if this will be a good call for both sides.

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  1. Being the camp chaplain sounds like good duty. Good luck with the call process, that sounds interesting as well.

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