We have a Little Girl

I have been busy adjusting to my new life. This life includes a baby which is a blessing. We had a uneventful birth (thank God) and our little girl is beautiful! But what also comes with this is sleepless nights, jealously by her big brother as well as a numerous amount of things that I have to adjust too as well as my family.

I have been thankful for my time off from work. As much as I enjoy what I do I think for many reasons I have been thankful for the time with my family and just a break from “everyday life.” I really think that this time has energized me for the final push for my internship. I can’t believe that I have I only have a few months left. I really think that I have learned a lot during this year. I have experienced things in ministry that I would never think that I would have to encounter and I am grateful that it has happened in a situation where I am learning. I know that I am not perfect and most likely will always have some flaws but I know I am miles from where I was when I started my internship.

Things are still going well at home, we are sleeping when we can. Our little angel is still doing well but is getting more and more fussy. It happens with baby’s and the trick is to find out how to sooth them. Right now the swing is our saving grace for Addyson. She really enjoys it.

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