What a week….

Who thought the end of the semester would be as crazy as it was.  I knew going into seminary life was going to be crazier with a family, working as much as I do and wanting to have some personal time.  But this has been almost the craziness as it has been.  Thursday before finals week my daughter came down with a lung infection.  She had to be put on a nebulizer and we had to give her a treatment every 3-4 hours.  Needless to say that was very time consuming as each treatment took 15-20 min to give.  Over the weekend she did not get much better, in fact she got worse.  So I kept her home and took her to the doctor’s on Monday (the day a paper was due) and she had a double ear infection as well!! Poor girl!

I tried to finish my prison ministry paper between naps and nebulizer treatments.  Tuesday was better with her and Wednesday was my last swimming class to teach and I had to work.  Which left me on Thursday with two papers to finish. I finally got the last one done today.  A day late but I felt it was an okay paper.

I have one more paper to finish and then I will finally be done with the semester.  I should be done with everything by now but with the craziness I was granted a few days extra to get done.

There are still Christmas presents to buy and holiday cheer to muster up.  This year has been the first year where I felt so unchristmasy it is crazy.  I hope next week I can get in the holiday spirit some more.

We will be leaving on the 25th for New Hampshire.  We will spend a few days visiting my wife’s side of the family and then we will travel to Vermont to visit mine.  I hope to see some friends over New Year’s but we will see.  No plans as of yet.

I don’t have a class until the 21st of January.  So three weeks where I will be “free.”  I must be careful because my “free” time seems like the most hectic for me.

I have never gotten into the New Year’s Resolutions per se, but I am going to be true to my 100 things to do before I die list and pick 5 to accomplish.  The other thing I want to do is to take more pictures.  I am thinking about starting a photo blog.  I think that would be pretty fun.  I really would like to get into taking pictures some more. I might even try dig some old pictures out and post them.

Off to dinner, Franks and beans tonight! mmmmm

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3 thoughts on “What a week….

  1. Only one more semester to go. Hard to believe it has been nearly four years.

    By the way, where do you get the time to work, teach swimming and attend seminary? Man you must be the Energizer Bunny or something.

  2. hahaha- Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough hours for everything. It is a hard some times– many times but I truly believe that God has been with us through this whole process.

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