What is the Right Question for You?

The question I ask each week at the beginning of worship is “Where have you seen God this week?”  But I didn’t start with that question.


Like any good pastor, I steal ideas.  I steal ideas from other congregations that I visit, from pastor friends as we share stories, from reading blogs like this one, or from conferences that I attend.  I stole the idea of asking such a question when I was at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Inver Grove Heights, MN two summers ago for my nephew/godson’s baptism.  At the end of the worship service the pastor said something along the lines of “Every week we end worship with ‘Go in peace serve the Lord.’ Where have you seen the Lord being served this week?”

I was amazed by the willingness to answer, and the ages of those who responded, especially the elementary age kids talked about camp.

So I came back to Bethlehem the following week and asked the same question.



More crickets….

(or if you grew up in the 80’s Bueller….Bueller…Bueller)

And not only was I met with silence, the question just didn’t feel right to me.  So over the course of a few months, the questioned changed.  And now my question is “Where have you seen God this week?”

But that isn’t the only way of asking the question.

How have you seen the Lord being served?
How have you served the Lord?
In what ways has God impacted your life?
Where is God in your life?
How has Jesus been your savior?
Who has been Jesus to you?
Have you had any “God-sighting”?
How do you feel the Holy Spirit?
What has happened in your week that made you realize that God was at work in the world?
When have you felt God’s presence?
Where do you see God working around you?
When did God use you to bless someone else?
When did God use someone else to bless you?

Those are all ways of asking the same question and yet they all are slightly different ways of asking and can have slightly different response.

So which question is right for you?

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