What is your God Moment

I have a few things that I am discerning this Lenten season.  There are a few disciplines I am going to want to take on and there are a few things in my life I am going to give up (I hope to share more about that soon).  One of the things that I am going to do on this blog is to share with you different God moments in my life.

A God moment is something that you experience in your life where you can see God working.  What are the times when you feel God’s presence working with, in and for you?

I hope to share a God Moment with you during Lent and I hope to hear your God moments as well.  My friend and colleague Becca has started sharing some of her God Moments on her blog.  But I want to share mine as well.

Here is my first one….

Kittens — about a week ago I shared the story about my cat “Luther” (we call her Mama Luther now) having kittens.  Besides the laughter that ensued about us not knowing that our cat was pregnant or even a female, it was awesome witnessing the new life that was brought into the world.  Recently I have seen a lot of death, both physical death as well as death in relationships, and spiritual death.  I have been walking with people in the times of personal need and it has been sad.  But to be a witness of new birth has been amazing!  Not only to witness that personally but to share that with my kids has been great.

With this experience I have seen God in…..

  • The Birth of the kittens
  • The look in my children’s eyes as they witness the birth
  • The care my kids have shown both for Mama Luther as well as the kittens
  • The excitement my family is showing in the hopefulness of a new family member
  • The way my wife checks on the kittens throughout the day
  • The care of Mama Luther to her babies (and how that is just a natural thing)

What God Moments do you have to share?

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