Where Have You Seen God?

It is a question that I ask my congregation every week at the beginning of our worship service.  The question becomes a moment when people can share experiences that have happened throughout the week or weeks in which they have seen God active in their lives.

After asking this question for over a year and a half, Bethlehem, a small worshipping community with about 30 in attendance each week, is at the point were just about every week there are multiple stories, experiences, moments, joys and sometimes sorrows that are shared. Some of these are short, just a brief sentence.  Some are long drawn out stories that took place over weeks or months.  Some are personal experiences.  Some are references to things seen or read about online or in the local news.  Some are full of emotions, with the teller and many listeners on the verge of tears.  Some are full of laughter.  And yet each story is a way that a person has experienced God.

I have been asked to share with you, the Lutheran Grilled Cheese community, how this tradition and spiritual practice has developed, how Bethlehem and myself have struggled with this question and how this question “Where have you seen God?” has changed our faith lives.  And I hope to challenge you and guide you as you take on this practice of asking yourself to identify where God is working in your lives over the next few months.

But first is all starts with asking the question: Where have you seen God?

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