What Do You Mean “Where Have I Seen God?”?

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.                      – Albert Einstein


I think the same can be true about seeing God. There are some people who see God everywhere – in everything that they do, in nature, in others, in their actions, the actions of strangers, in animals, in quiet, in loud voice. These people are a huge blessing to have in congregations but often they have the greatest problem with being asked “Where have you seen God?” because they do not know how to answer a question for which the answer is always “everywhere.” Unfortunately, in my experience at least, these people are rare.

There are for more people who do not see God active in their daily lives and therefore when asked “where have you seen God?” their response is more often “nowhere.” Or maybe occasionally they can name that great miracle that happened – but those events don’t come around that often. Fortunately if you are one of these people, you can learn to start seeing God everywhere.

It starts with naming that God is here – active on this earth and in our daily lives. You can start seeing God everywhere when you acknowledge that God is behind that beautiful sunset you saw, or in the gorgeous weather we have been having in the Northeast. You can start seeing that God is actually everywhere when you name God was with you when you helped a friend or a stranger. You can start seeing that God is actually everywhere when you read the newspaper (or more likely a newspaper’s website) and realize that there are parts of the news that makes God sad but also parts that make God exceedingly happy. You can start seeing that God is actually everywhere when you name that God is with you during the moments of joy that you experience, and God is also just as with you when you experience sorrow.

I think we can choose to see God everywhere or no where – that nothing is a miracle, or that everything is one. It just takes us to make that choice and then to start training on minds and our faith lives to actually name that God is everywhere.

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